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New Products

Unicharger - Portable Power Pack
With a UniCharger in your backpack, you no longer have to...

TamperTell Easy Seals Deluxe
TamperTell Easy Seals are a quick and easy way to secure your personal belongings. Whether you're...

Smiley Tag Green
Fun, 78mm diameter neon tags for quick and easy luggage identification. Smiley face on front with...

Personal Medical Kit
An Ideal First Aid Kit for small injuries. It contains the most frequently used plaster and...

Nivea Sun 30+ Face Sunscreen
Pleasurable to apply and quickly absorbing into the skin, this moisturising Nivea Sun 30+ Face...

Mini LCD Projection Clock
This clever Mini LCD Projection Clock projects onto any surface. It has a high intensity LED...

Magnifying Glass with Torch
This easy to use product is great for reading and can be used as a torch at night. You can also...

Leg Safe
Washable, lightweight poly/cotton material with Agion treated CoolMax back panel to whisk away...

JetSox Black - Small 19cm - 21.5mm
Don´t let DVT ruin your journey.
Are you at risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)?

JetSox Black - Medium 21.5cm - 24cm
Don´t let DVT ruin your journey.
Are you at risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)?

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